Here at the Time Detective Agency, we’re putting our new recruits through their basic training. Do you have what it takes to help us with our time travel missions in Historic Winchester? Can you blend in with our Anglo-Saxons and take notes in your field agent’s notebook at 878AD?


Every new member of the Time Detective Agency needs to complete test in the field, so now is the perfect time to put your skills to the test and travel back in time as an undercover Anglo-Saxon! You'll receive your field agent’s notebook to write down anything interesting you discover. You’ll notice we have different job roles throughout the week, so why not return to see if you can master them all? 


Monandæg (Monday) Monandæg Monastery 

Tiwesdæg (Tuesday) Mid-week Warriors 

Wodnesdæg  (Wednesday) Mid-week Warriors 

Ðunresdæg  (Thursday) Learn a trade 

Frigedæg  (Friday) Learn a trade 

Sæternesdæg  (Saturday) Weekend entertainment 

Sunnandæg  (Sunday) Weekend entertainment 


Each day includes interactive Anglo-Saxon activities, crafts and special missions



Complete your TDA Training and get your TDA badge!

Use your Super Explorer Ticket and complete your Time Detective pack by completing a mission at each of our four Historic Winchester attractions.

We have full programme of Time Detective events over the Summer Holidays

Time Detective Agency | Historic Winchester


  • TDA Field Agent's Desk
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